First things first: This website is the work of an amateur webmaster with the support of virtually every other member of the groups we in turn strive to support. In 2008 the site was designed and brought to life for the Point Loma Parkinson’s Support Group. Years later, the redesigned website assumed new and different roles as the San Diego Central County Parkinson’s Support Group incorporated ( For more than one dozen years, this has been a labor of love - I hope it will be so for a dozen more.

Fate may determine otherwise. Like many of you, I have Parkinson’s. I became symptomatic in 2003. It took five more years before I was diagnosed (which is not in the least unusual). In 2010 my exposure to Agent Orange while in Vietnam was sufficiently documented and I was declared 50% disabled with Parkinson’s by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. In the winter of 2015 I was declared 100% disabled / permanent because I also have Stage 4 / terminal lymphoma ( first, Non-Hodgkins follicular lymphoma - a slow growing form of the disease) and now Diffuse Large ‘B’ Cell Lymphoma (a very aggressive and fast growing form of the disease). My cancer diagnosis and first chemotherapy came in November 2015. Since then, I have cycled through 7 different treatments involving more than 16 various combinations of drugs. I have been asked a number of times if cancer and chemotherapy has an effect on my Parkinson’s. The answer is “YES” (and in oh, so many ways).

I cheerfully give credit to my neurologist, Dr Stephanie Lessig at UCnSan Diego; my oncologist at Scarp Grossmont, Dr Kai Zu; my spouse Amy (a former Coroner’s Investigator with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department - who knows what questions to ask while I’m sitting there in awe at her ability to “cut to the chase” and doggedly pursue inquiries that help keep me here . . . And of course, the folks in the Parkinson’s Community whom I consider
family. To learn to live with Parkinson’s, I first had to learn to overcome the iron will of my first neurologist and survive a year of dopamine agonist (Mirapex) hell.
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