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San Diego Central County Parkinson’s Support Group Board of Directors

Nancy Floodberg , Retired
School Neuropsychologist

SDCCPSG Board President, Support Group Leader
(619) 857-6638
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Jim Paterniti, Retired
Preclinical Pharmacologist
SDCCPSG Board Vice President, Support Group Leader
(858) 203-3232
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Susan Howard, Retired
Recording Secretary
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Patsy Manning, Retired
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Debbie Jordan, Retired
Social Worker
Librarian, Corresponding Secretary
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Jodi Harrison, Retired
College Administrator (Dean), Professor, and
SDCCPSG Newsletter Editor
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Tony Jeske, Retired
Business Owner

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Lorenzo Higley,
Member-at-Large, Support Group Leader
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Dolores Cohenour, Retired
Software Analyst

Reporter. Assistant Social Director
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R. P.
Video Documentation
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Bruce Lowe, Retired
Law Enforcement Manager

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