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Review of Urban Poling’s Walking Poles
Leigh Johnson

I have walked for years for aerobic fitness and more recently as a PD therapy. Recently, walking on concrete sidewalks, fast enough to raise my heart rate for PD benefits, led to muscle and joint injuries. And I was worried about falling because the sidewalks where I live are rough and some have been heaved by tree roots.

I learned about therapeutic walking poles from the online PD-Connect exercise program ( - calendar), that Irene Marcus suggested. With the poles, I can get a better aerobic workout with less wear and tear on my legs and feet, because I’m also using my shoulders and arms to lift and move the poles. I feel safer because the poles improve my stability.

Here is what I tracked on my Apple Watch:

With old dog: 20 minutes at 26 minutes/mile with average heart rate of 78 beats/minute Without dog: 30 minutes at 22 minutes/mile with average heart rate of 100 beats/minute led to joint pain next day that lasted several days.

With poles: 12 minutes at 22 minutes/mile walking up and down hill with average heart rate of 139 beats/minute and no joint pain.

(When I began using the poles, long walks strained my shoulders and arms that were not used to them. I had to stop for a while and then begin again with a short walk. I plan to increase the distance gradually and back off if the pain returns.)

This life hack is based on personal experience; it is not medical advice or recommendation. If you are interested, please talk with your doctor before trying it. I have no relationship with the company, except that I bought their product and like it.

Here is where I found the poles that PD-Connect featured: UrbanPolingTM at (Learn about them here; I also found on Amazon.)

I chose their Activator poles that are adjustable for height, have an anti-vibration feature, and an ergonomic grip. They come with rubber tips that have a flat bottom. I ordered their Accessory Boot Tips that look like little hiking boots, because the curved outside edge allows them to roll smoothly as you rock forward with each step.