Adventure of the Month
Image of sailboat on open sea
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September in San Diego is hot. While much of the country is settling into leaf watching and other traditional Fall activities, we denizens of San Diego dread the annual return of the Santa Ana winds and watch the hygrometer nearly as much as we do the thermometer.
So, it seems fitting that September’s ‘adventure’ ought to take one as far from the heat of San Diego is is possible. Where might that be, you ask?
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About 8,600 miles south lies the continent of Antartica. Here one can find the coldest temperatures on earth. Katabatic winds reach speeds of 200 mph and the sun disappears for months at a time.
Hard to believe that people actually live here - but they do. One wonders if any of them call San Diego home?
The cold, clear Antarctic night sky provides a view of the heavens unlike anywhere else. Sit back,
click here, and enjoy.
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For a look Into the International Research Stations of Antarctica, click here or here.
Should you desire to know more about the brief history of man and the unforgiving Antarctic continent, click here. Life in San Diego doesn’t seem quite so harsh after all.
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The night sky in June 2016, over McMurdo Station.