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Hospital Safety

People with Parkinson's face additional complications when their medical care requires surgery and staying in hospital settings. Being prepared to provide information about specific medications as well as general information about risks for Parkinson's patients can help reduce the risk of a hospital stay. 

The materials below have been developed by the Parkinson's Foundation to help people with Parkinson's stay safe while in the hospital.

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A Letter From Your Doctor
This is a letter from the doctor who provides specific care for your Parkinson's Disease. It provides specific information about you as a person living with Parkinson's that may be critical in keeping you safe during a hospital stay.

To view, click here.
A Medication Form
This form lists all medications you take to address your Parkinson's symptoms as well as other medications prescribed by your medical team.
Hospital Care Fact Sheet
This information provides critical information for hospital staff to understand about caring for you as a person with Parkinson's. This includes the importance of providing medications at the times and dosage that are right for you.
It also provides information about medications that are contraindicated in Parkinson's Disease. 
Checklists for Clinicians
This is especially helpful for clinicla staff at a hospital emergency department or urgent care clinic. 
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