San Diego Central County Parkinson's Support Group


Pacific Beach Parkinson's Support Group will hold its first meeting on Wednesday, September 19th 1:00pm to 3:00pm
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Pacific Beach (PBPSG) Oakmont of Pacific Beach
955 Grand Ave, San Diego, CA 92109

Contact: Nancy Floodberg (

Welcome to the online home of the San Diego Central County Parkinson's Support Group.

The San Diego Central County Parkinson's Support Group (SDCCPSG) is a recognized nonprofit consortium of groups in the San Diego metropolitan area, including the Minds in Motion, Ocean Beach, Point Loma and Veteran's Parkinson's Support Groups.

The SDCCPSG serves as a resource within the greater San Diego metropolitan area to facilitate education, assistance and support for persons with Parkinson’s and their families.

As of September 2018, the officers of the SDCCPSG are:
  1. Nancy Floodberg, President (,
  2. Jim Paterniti, Vice-President (,
  3. Tony Jeske, Treasurer (
  4. Deborah Jordan, Secretary (
To read the bylaws of the consortium click here.

To make a donation to the San Diego Central County Parkinson's Support Group,
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This website last updated: September 17, 2018
I will be working on this site all week, so there will be frequent changes .

This website is under development and is very much a work in progress. Comments and suggestions are welcome, please contact the webmaster.

The primary goal of this website is to provide a central point of information for those Parkinson's support groups located in and around the San Diego metropolitan area. Just what this means will evolve over time. One thing is certain, a great deal of information will soon be accessible via this website - and making it possible for you to easily find what you are looking for will be quite a challenge.

A word about this website: This site is owned and operated by a person with Parkinson's (diagnosed more than 11 years ago). I have done my best to provide a website with modern features, so that you may view it on your smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop and find the layout familiar and useful. With that in mind, I have employed a traditional 'drop-down' menu format rather than the sleeker 'hamburger' fly-out menu. The 'hamburger'
() occupies far less space when not in use, but the uninitiated reader may not see it or know what it is for when they do see it. So, I had to overcome my desire for a cleaner presentation in order to be as certain as I can be that this site is as little a mystery to navigate as I can make it.

As you browse the pages of this site, you may return to the 'Home/Index' page by clicking on the 'Home' link on the drop-down navigation menu. Clicking on any link in the
Site Map will take you directly to that page as will clicking on the 'Return to Previous Page' arrow found on the upper left corner of most browsers..

Many links in this website will take you to offsite locations. You can usually return to this site by way of the aforementioned 'Return to Previous Page' arrow .

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